Guitar Kit 3: Precision Crafted Kit

GibbsCAM CAD/CAM instruction manual

This Kit Includes:

Everything in kit 2, plus a GibbsCAM step-by-step CAD/CAM instruction manual. Your students can design and program the project in GibbsCAM, and cut it on your CNC Router. This kit includes lots of tips and detailed field settings. Your students can take pride in hand finishing and creatively painting this project.

With Step-By-Step Instructions:

Assembly instructions, wiring diagram and the GibbsCAM step-by-step CAD/CAM instruction manual in full color with many illistrations is included so that you can complete the project with confidence.

Below is a picture of all of the parts included in the Kit. On the GibbsCAM College Site you can download the completed models and G-code if you don't have a CAM system.

For Education:

Recommended for: Manufacturing Technology - Grade 11 and 12

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This hands-on Guitar Kit project, along with the manuals available, enable students to develop knowledge and skills related to design, process planning, control systems, and quality assurance. Students will use a broad range of tools and equipment such as lathes, mills, and computer-aided machines, and will combine modern manufacturing techniques and processes with computer-aided manufacturing as they develop critical decision-making, problem-solving, and project-management skills through hands-on, project based learning.

Strat Guitar Kit with Basswood Blank - Part Number: GSTRAT-101001-Blank

GibbsCAM Strat Instruction Manual - Part Number: GCSTRAT-201001

Kit Three Contents
Part Number


$289.95 CAD

5 Pack of GSTRAT-305001-Blank

Works out to $199.95 each

$999.75 CAD

GSTRAT-301001L-Blank Left-handed

$289.95 CAD

For Mastercam Users:

Mastercam CAD/CAM kit

Mastercam X-3 to X-5 DVD avalible for $94.95 CAD