Stratocaster Style Guitar Projects:

Our company specializes in creating interesting, innovative, and sometimes just plain "cool" projects for hobbyists and high school tech/design/woodworking/manufacturing programs.

Our flagship project is the iconic Stratocaster Style Guitar. We plan to add other styles and design methods in the future. To ensure student success with this project it can be completed by selecting one of three options. Your choice may depend on your students' skill levels and tools that are available.

Project Options:

Option One:

The body is already routered, all you have to do is sand, paint, assemble and play!

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Option Two:

This option comes with a solid basswood blank ready to be cut. Use a bandsaw and hand tools to complete the project!

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Option Three:

This option has everything that option two has plus step-by-step instructions that allow you to program the Project in Mastercam and cut it on a CNC Router!

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Guitar Project Video...

Check out this video created by Electrolab in Belleville Ontario. The guitar was designed in Mastercam X4 and cut on a Larken tabletop CNC servo Router with 24" x 24" x 8" XYZ clearance.